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The Hoboken Lifestyle

The Hoboken Lifestyle


   My name is Luis Rivera and this week for my english composition class we had to take a walk around our neighbourhood with our phones turned on airplane mode so we can’t use technology. We were supposed to become more fa,ilar with history and populations in our neighborhoods, so we can get closer to nature and make some new friends.I was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken was founded on April 9, 1849 but the area was first seen in 1609 by european sailors. Even though Hoboken is a small town it has very famous sites and places and it also has some interesting history. One of Hoboken's famous spots is the Hoboken Terminal which is a major transportation hub for the tri-state. Hoboken is also the first location to have a baseball game recorded and the home to Stevens Institute of Technology, one of the oldest technological universities in the United States. It is also home to one of the most famous American singer Frank Sinatra, he has some streets and parks named after him.

   Hoboken is a very small town with mixed ethnicities, it is a very quiet and nice town. I feel that Hoboken is a place for families. There are many restaurants, and fun things to do such as rock climbing and a movie theater and there are even many indoor basketball courts. On my walk I noticed that Hoboken is actually a very beautiful town and when I get older I would want my kids to enjoy the same experiences I have. On my walk I went to a park called Columbus park. There were kids playing in the park, all getting along and couples having picnics and there were dogs running around having fun. One major thing I love about Hoboken is how everyone gets along, even though everyone doesn’t know each other they are always nice to one another. On my walk many people said hello to me and said that they liked my mask because it was dragon ball z . The littlest things can make someone's day and that made mine. I didn’t see many wild animals. The only thing I saw were geese which were by the river by the pier, the only animals you will see a lot of are dogs. On the walk I aslo how Hoboken has many different ways of transportation, there’s many city bikes, there is a light rail and there are many busses to get you around town. 

   On my way back home I stopped at one of Hoboken's famous pizzerias. Its name is Tornas and it is one of the oldest pizzerias, the food is amazing every time and they always remember my name. I also looked at the beautiful trees changing their colors getting ready for the fall season, I stopped by the pier and from there you can see New York and all the beautiful lit up buildings. I would have to say I am proud that I grew up in Hoboken,it is a safe place at all times even during night time. I hope one day I can bring some new friends from my college and mayne grab a slice from Torna's pizzeria ans just talk about our childhood.




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Hey Luis 

I definitely enjoy your neighborhood walk block post. I like how you mentioned that Hoboken also the first location to have a baseball game recorded. That the home to Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the oldest technological universities in the United States. I've never really known that I’ve actually been to Hoboken once and it’s such a beautiful place. I agree that their pasta is amazing. I hope to go soon and enjoy the walk and take it in.