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How to add images to HASTAC posts

How to add images to HASTAC posts

Images are a great way to draw attention to your work on the Internet and to keep readers engaged. Here I will walk you through how to add images to a Blog Post on HASTAC!

Adding a Featured Image

The Featured Image lives on top of your posts on the front page of HASTAC and on your profile page. They look like this: 



When you are posting to HASTAC, you should see a "Choose File" button at the top of the page (see image below), where you can choose a file from your own computer and upload it. Once the image is uploaded, you should see a thumbnail of the image as well as an option to remove the image. This indicates that the image has been successfully uploaded!



Adding Images to the Body of a Post

To add an image from your computer to the body of your post requires a few more clicks. From the Body text box, you should see an icon of a landscape picture. Click on this icon button and a pop-up will appear:



From that dialog box, you should click on the "Browse Server" button, which will bring up another pop-up window:



From that window, you should choose the Upload button in the upper-left hand corner, then select the "Choose File" button that appears. This will open a dialog to your computer's file browser, from which you can select an image to upload:


There, you will be able to select a file to "Open" (here this is demonstrated with a Mac OSX operating system), then you should select "Upload" back on the upper left-hand side of the page. You will receive confirmation that your upload was successful:



Once you receive that confirmation, you can choose to "Insert file" (next to the green checkmark) on the upper left-hand corner of the page:



From there, another dialog box will appear that shows your image along with an "OK" button in bright green. There are options to manipulate the size of your image, but you likely will not need to worry about this as your image will be scaled to fit the page. If your image becomes stretched out once you publish your blog post, you can simply click the image to bring that dialog box up again and click on the lock icon so that the width and height are "locked" to the image's proportion. 



Once you click OK, you should see the image in the Body text box to your post, and you are ready to continue writing or add another image!


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