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Recap: Measuring What Counts

Recap: Measuring What Counts


On Wednesday, March 2nd, the Futures Initiative hosted “Measuring What Counts: Credentials or Learning” at the Graduate Center, CUNY. It is part of our "The University Worth Fighting For" series of events, which will continue on Thursday, April 14 with "Teaching as Social Justice: Equity, Diversity, Race" livestreamed and live in room C197. Futures Initiative Fellow Mike Rifino, a PhD student in Human Development, introduced the event. Our special guests discussed how to measure learning both in and outside of formalized education spaces:

We had a Twitter Chat prior to the event, and in total there were 500 tweets on the #whatcounts hashtag on the day of the event, which was used alongside the #fight4edu hashtag.  


#whatcounts #whatcounts Twitter han #whatcounts    


We were joined by Ammal and Chayn, HASTAC collaborators in London with members in South Africa and France, via livestream. In total, 73 computers were logged into the videostream during the event, and an additional 32 computers connected to the livestream in the week following the event.

Please see the resources below for a full recap and further reading:  

  Measuring What Counts Panel  


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