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Coding Monsters for Halloween

Coding Monsters for Halloween

Google's Made w/ Code has a fun programming toy for Halloween. "Even monsters are Made with Code". It's a little drag-and-drop web-based platform to show some very basic programming concepts. The user interface is similar to Hopscotch, available for iOS. It is fun for beginners to play with the moster toy or Hopscotch to get a sense of how of the logic and sequencing behind programming. I may even get my Computer Information Systems students (we are working on Excel) to play around with this next class.



The user interface on the left is a nice GUI that parallels a written program's structure. On the right is the stage where I made a green Yeti with big purple feet and gave it some actions. If you use this in the classroom, you can explain Objects and Methods and have your students try to get their Yeti to dance without having it enter the stage to begin with. That is how they will learn to test and debug their code!


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This is so amazing! I just saw this! I'm so late to the party.