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Pinterest as Textbook Replacement

Pinterest as Textbook Replacement

Kris Belden-Adams wrote a blog over at Art History Teaching Resources which discusses her decision to do away with a required and very expensive textbook for the Art History survey courses she teaches (Renaissance to Modern). Instead, the course is now using a WordPress site with Pinterest supplement for key images. The Pinterest page also functions as the study page for the assessment of graduating seniors. 

Pinterest as a visual-based learning tool can be very effective, and it is both beautiful and functional in this Art History example. It can also be wonderful as a link despository for any number of courses. Instead of a survey edition for a literature course, a Pinterest board can link to all the texts and articles that are required. Pinterest boards need not be public and can be group-based to enable collaborative and peer-to-peer learning, too.

With so many free online resources, expensive textbooks are less and less relevant. I would love to hear if you are using Pinterest in your classrooms too, and what your students think about it.




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