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HASTAC 2015 Panel CfP: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance Digital Humanities

HASTAC 2015 Panel CfP: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance Digital Humanities



Digital Humanities: Explorations in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

This panel seeks to bring together scholars working at the intersection of Technology and Classical/Medieval/Renaissance Studies.

Exploring digital projects done in conjunction with humanities work in the pre- and early modern periods, panelists will discuss their work or work-in-progress in terms of technical and traditional methodologies, as well as consider how this work is indicative of the changing nature of humanities scholarship. Projects can range from traditional scholarship to pedagogical projects that are carried out in relevant classes or workshops.

I would like to further shape this panel to the participating scholars, so please comment or email with abstracts or interest. I must submit the panel proposal by October 31st, so please reach out to me prior to Oct. 29th. I will be happy to work with you on formalities!

Please let us work to add visibility to digital projects in our fields!

Learn more about the Conference at the HASTAC Conference website.




I like the name of the group - TAMeR! Medieval, Classic and Renaissence studies are lagging behind the DH projects, and most of the classes are still taught in a traditional (non-digital) way.


Thanks, Olga, glad you like it! Now we must try to recruit the digital humanists working in this period!