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Sorry to be so late with my introduction, but it was great to read so many others' before mine! I am in the second year of my MA/PhD in the Language & Rhetoric program through the University of Washington's English Department.  My current scholarship is deeply invested in community engagement and I spend a good portion of my week working with a local low-income high school to support English teachers and provide one-on-one and classroom-based assistance to students with their reading comprehension and writing. I work hard to make my first-year composition classroom a place that is supportive of and engaging for students of a wide variety of backgrounds. Last year, I began working with the Critical Classrooms cohort in our department to intentionally investigate and respond to issues of power dynamics in our classrooms and this year I have begun to incorporate service learning as a way to provide students with concrete and humanistic knowledge that is not directly tied to their personal experience prior to coming to college as well as encouraging them to reach out from a place of privilege in the community and utilize the status they have achieved as college students ata major research university in a culturally-conscious way.

I'm also very interested in technological tools for English pedagogy, having encountered quite a lot of technophobia in humanities departments that has been difficult for me to navigate as a student with a background in engineering. Having worked intensively with a first-year engineering honors design and problem solving course as an undergraduate student, I am continually finding new ways to incoporate that techno-centric approach to pedagogy in my own classroom. My most recent project involves a macro that strips identifying information from student papers and auto-emails them to specified classmates in order to streamline a blind peer review process. I've worked with my students to develop mutually considered guidelines for the use of "personal electronic devices" in the classroom and to be innovative about the way that we use them. I've broadened the "readings" and even some of the "writings" for my class to include a wide variety of modalities of publication, from blog posts to flip books to video narratives. I work with a Graduate Interest Group focused around Teaching With Technology in order to collaborate in these endeavors.

Overall, I am absolutely stoked to be involved with HASTAC and for all of the great opportunities that this group can provide!


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