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New Book: "Arts, Media, and Justice: Multimodal Explorations with Youth"

What are the intersections of social change, media, and education? In what ways might youth, who are so often the object of social policy, be re-imagined and invited as active participants in shaping institutional spaces through critical engagement with media texts and media technologies, and the visual/dramatic/verbal arts?

In Arts, Media, and Justice: Multimodal Explorations with Youth,  my co-editor Tiffany DeJaynes and I have brought together a collection of chapters authored by practitioners and researchers who worked with youth in a variety of arts-based and media settings. Central to all of the chapters is an emphasis on how, through exploration with the arts and media, young people involved with the juvenile justice system may be engaged as agentive partners in reimagining education in their lives. Ranging from photography and theater to media making and creative writing, the contexts depicted in this volume hold important implications for educators, the field of youth development, and policy makers in how we might better support young people who find themselves embroiled court-involved — the thoughtful and illustrative writings of the authors suggests that rather than emphasizing punitive measures, we might create conditions in which exploration of self and world may occur in meaningful, collaborative, and potentially transformative ways.

(**All proceeds from book sales go to supporting the work of alternative to detention and alternative to incarceration programs in New York City. ***)



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