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Hello! A Late Introduction


Hey everyone!  

Sorry for the late post -- I am an outgoing senior at Wellesley College and just turned in my last assignment a few hours ago! I majored in art history with significant coursework in cinema studies and political science.


Some ">After finding HASTAC this past semester I have been lurking in awe over this amazing resource and, frankly, feeling a little overwhelmed.  I say this because as a liberal arts undergrad I was, and still am, constantly negotiating between an amazing array of topics and methodologies just screaming for my attention. To find an accessible community of rigorous scholarship dedicated to the digital humanites was amazing and has really reoriented how I think about my scholarship.  However, it has led to a lot of soul-searching about where I want to go in my future studies.  Much of my coursework been in modern and contemporary painting, sculpture and cinema, with very little focus given to new media and emerging artistic practices that engage with technology as well as more diffuse cultural productions not easily harnessed under the auspices of art history.


My scholarship and goals for the workshop:

Two years ago I wrote a seminar paper on Blade Runner as a case study for comparing theories of the simulacrum by Baudrillard and Deleuze.  As I wrote the paper I began to learn about posthumanism and cyborg theory, but I was unable fully engage the feminist intersections with technology and its representation/theorization in SF at the time.  Since then I have sought to apply feminist and poststructural approaches to such topics as 17th century Dutch painting and early avant-garde cinema but I've found that my interests were often fleshed out in isolation.  This workshop is an opportunity for me to engage interests that in feminism, technology, and images that I've had to bookmark for a long time.  I also see this as a chance to get a taste for graduate-level inquiries in fields beyond art history and history of cinema.


What I bring to the table for feedback:

The project that I hope to pursue as a preliminary topic for graduate school concerns how contemporary artists are engaging the technologies and representations of contemporary warfare through the subversion of consumer technologies.  I just finished up, somewhat hastily, two short papers on the artists Trevor Paglen and James Bridle for my class on Art and Politics in Continental Philosophy.  I am just beginning to flesh out what I hope to be a much larger writing project that would also include recent work by Harun Farocki and Hito Steyerl.  I am happy to share these short papers with my reading group and I primarily would like feedback on how to incorporate feminist approaches to my project.  


Thanks a lot!  I am really excited to work with this group! My contact info is as follow:

Twitter - @diff_rep
Email -
LinkedIn -ín/59/9b4/567


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Welcome to The Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop, Laura!  We're excited to have you here.

If you visit this Google spreadsheet, you'll see that I've already assigned you to a peer review group.  Your group leader is Jessie Daniels.  She should be in touch shortly with information on how to exchange manuscripts and materials.  In the meantime, I encourage you to go ahead and read this post on how the peer review process works.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Lori Beth