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Drama in Virtual Communities: Part III

Continued from Drama in Virtual Communities: Part II ...

Ultimately I dissolved the guild and we merged in with another guild. The reason why is because every time I logged on, one of the officers gave me a list of things to handle – behavioral issues and complaints. I would spend 2-4 hours each time I logged on dealing with problems. I rarely got any actual playing done. For instance, people wanted to do 5mans and full raids, yet when my officers set these up and posted them on the calendar, people didn’t show up for them. Then they complained that we never did any runs. Sigh.

So our guild was dissolved and we merged in with a new guild that later decided to move to another server when Blizzard (the company that makes WoW) opened up free character transfers to this new server. Initially I did not follow the guild. I was tired and needed a break from WoW; so I took 6 months off from WoW. It was a good break.

Since I’ve come back, I’ve transferred to that new server; but the guild that ultimately transferred there was dissolved by the time I got there. I found my friend though (the one that was GM for those guilds I was in) and some other folks I loved from my old server. I have new friends and a new guild. Since transferring, my guild has changed leadership 3 times. Now the GM is my friend who has been the GM for most of the guilds I’ve been in. I continue to see a lot of the dramatic, social behavior I’ve seen before. I try to stay out of it and just stick to my friends. It’s easier that way.



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