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DML 2011: On Our Way

We're looking forward to meeting lots of you at the DML conference starting tomorrow!

Keep an eye out for some of us from Youth Radio's Mobile Action Lab (a 2010 DML competition winner) at the 12:30-9:30 showcase on March 4th. We're bringing lots of stuff to play with--demos, prototypes, recording activities, videos--that we've developed so far since the Lab launched last fall.

Some highlights from our booth at the showcase:

* Record a 3-min audio segment we'll upload to one of our apps before it's released to the public.

* Watch one of our young app-makers in conversation with the co-creator of Word Lens, an app Wired Magazine describes as one of the most amazing they've ever seen.

* Check out a music-streaming app prototype our students created using Google App Inventor to make their one-of-a-kind online independent radio station, All Day Play, a mobile experience. 

Lissa Soep will also be on a panel at the conference 9:00 Friday morning about Youth, Digital Media and Citizenship. 

See you soon!


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