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Mobile Action Lab - news and updates

Youth Radio's Mobile Action Lab team has been busy with behind-the-scenes work (IRB! partner brainstorms! job descriptions!) to prep for the official launch of our project. At the same time, we've been spreading the word about our plans, hoping that by starting the conversations early, we'll build up a network of users, testers, and advisors for when we have some actual apps to roll out. 

Here's a post that went up on Edutopia last week and mentions the Lab. The post itself is geared for educators working inside and beyond classrooms who are seeking ways to get their students producing media. We opted to focus on one of Youth Radio's simplest formats--the commentary--but we used the post also to let folks know that down the line we might be tapping their students and colleagues to engage with the work of our app development lab. 

And here's a write-up on Drop That Knowledge: Youth Radio Stories, which came out in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend. The writer, Ben Fong-Torres, was excited to hear that Youth Radio will be building on what the organization has always done--produce youth media content--by partnering with young people to create mobile media tools. As my colleague (and tech blogger) Noah Nelson has said, "The world has changed from power being in the hands of the storytellers to it being in the hands of those who shape how we tell stories. We have to bridge that divide."

One final thought--not so much related to the Mobile Action Lab, but relevant to those interested in digital media and learning: here's a post I did on Boing Boing last week about an amazing 25-year-old playwright, Chinaka Hodge, who's experimenting with Twitter as part of her creative process. Her work has pushed me to think in new ways about literacy demands for emerging writers and performers, who are using social media not just for marketing, but as a dimension of their art. 

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