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Crowdsourcing Educational Quest Design – What the wha?

Crowdsourcing Educational Quest Design – What the wha?

BrainPopI absolutely LOVE it when serendipity moves in and gives us an entirely new way of thinking about education.  I had one of those moments today as teachers in 3D GameLab responded to my query for quest designers interested in using BrainPop content.  I was surprised we had approximately 20 interested teachers, and it made me wonder if we could crowdsource educational quest design.  I'm going to try.  Here's how it's playing out:

  • I was recently in San Francisco at the SIIA EdTech Industry Summit, very proud that 3D GameLab had been chosen as one of 10 Innovation Incubator projects this year.  During the conference, I met Norman Basch, VP of Business Development at BrainPop.  We chatted, and I let him know I was interested in using BrainPop content to create quests inside 3D GameLab.  He was kind enough to provide me a free account.
  • I emailed all teachers in 3D GameLab about the opportunity to design some sample quests.  Up to this point, the only other content provider we've worked with has been NOAA, and we are still very early in that Badges for Lifelong Learning project, so taking existing content from a sole source and turning it into quests is still a new process for us.  About 20 teachers/faculty responded with interest.
  • Since our goal is to create sample quests that other teachers can clone and remix from the Quest Armory inside 3D GameLab, I didn't want to limit participation.  I wondered if we could use online collaboration tools to support a crowdsourced design experience.  To start, I created a sample Popplet and a video to overview the task at hand.  I used Camtasia to record my screen and directly upload the video to YouTube.  The entire process took about 15 minutes.
  • Then I emailed everyone who responded with interest.  I created a "Challenge" around the crowdsourcing idea.  I'm curious if this will damper enthusiasm or increase it.  I'll post back here to let you know how many ended up participating.  Here's the email I sent out:

Hi all, we had a good response and interest in designing quests for BrainPop!  Since the goal of this project is to create sample quests highlighting integration of BrainPop, I thought it would be interesting to crowdsource this project.  Therefore, I am presenting to you the BrainPop Crowdsource Quest Design Challenge! :)

After you watch the video, let me know if you would like to participate, and I'll add you to the groups. Don't worry about audience, goals, types of activities, etc.  Our main goal is to showcase sample quests that other teachers can play/view/clone.  Feel free to be very creative!

Next Steps
1.  Send me your email that you'll use for login.
2.  Add quests to the Popplet that you'd like to create.  Use color coding for each level of quests, and put your name in each bubble that you add.
3.  Add quests inside the 3D GameLab "BrainPop" group.  Keep points for each quest low, between 10-40 or so.  Tag with standards, if possible.
4.  Let's see what we can complete in a week!  Deadline to add quests:  May 31.

BrainPop Discussion Thread:

This should take very little of your time, I hope you'll participate.

Game on!  Shallow (Shallow is my gamertag in 3D GameLab)

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