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Addressing Student Success

What makes students successful? As this is an age old question with students, teachers and professors; but more importantly what is the true answer to this question? If you take this question to the streets and ask students, teachers and professors; the answers vary widely. So instead I asked my self this question. I thought of many different things that I find are helpful to promote my personal student success. As I collected my thoughts in notes, I came to the realization that students need more then just one thing to be successful; thus making all answers to the question worth a look. But more importantly how do we address the issue of student success so that way it reaches the student and then becomes a helpful resource.

As many may know, Dr. Steven L. Berg has a vision to help students succeed via a web page. I looked at the web page with many different envisions about how to help a variety of students succeed with just one web page. I personally believe that it can be done and will be done.

We need a collaboration of resources all linked together to help students. Resources on “How To…” to help students with different projects and papers. We also need to have links to helpful, yet credible, sites to help students with research that is credible. We need links to teachers as well as teacher cooperation. The list of what can and will be put on the site to help student success is endless, because like the question of helping student success; the answers are wide ranging.

So ask yourself, what would help you or your students succeed? And how can we address the problems that students have with being successful today?


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I agree with your statement that students need more than one thing to be successful. I am currently researching a similar topic, I am researching how students can become more successful by understanding what learning type they are. For example whether they are a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learners. All students learn differently they have different talents, skills, interests, and even intelligence levels. When students understand the little things that can help lead to their success they are making it more likely for themselves to achieve that success. That’s why it is so important for teachers to reach out to their students with a variety of teaching methods so that they can give every student a fair chance at success. Little things like organization of a lecture or the activities you do in a classroom can help give students a greater chance at succeeding. I also agree with the statement you made about getting students more helpful resources. The more resources that students are exposed to the more likely they are going to find something that is well suited for them and their type of learning technique. Success is not something that all students believe can be reached. But when the student feels as if the teacher wants them to succeed they will most likely have a bigger motivation to succeed as well. Using positive reinforcements and doing different things in the classroom is very beneficial for students. If we can make all students believe that success is reachable, then we will have more success within the classroom!