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Max Polyakov helps initiate a 3 year contract for a space art competition

Max Polyakov helps initiate a 3 year contract for a space art competition

Managing director of Noosphere ventures Max Polyakov is a space enthusiast and sees the art competition as an opportunity for youth exposure to STEM.


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Space exploration is gradually developing in the modern age, along with that more platforms are being established for younger minds in order for the field to be considered an exciting opportunity. Space foundation and Noosphere managed to initiate a partnership even though they operate in such different industries. Both of the organizations share a love of space exploration and promoting more children to reach for the stars this led to them sponsoring International Student Art Competition.

The children belonging to the age group of 3-18 are eligible to send in their artwork submissions on topics set by the hosts. The topics may vary from each year allowing the participants to fully explore their creativity and showcase their best interpretation of STEM. This contest was launched in the year of 2011, ever since then it has been a driving force towards revealing new perspectives in the field of STEM. Furthermore the art contest isn’t limited to only one country instead it receives submissions from all over the world.

The aim of the contest is similar to that of the Noosphere theory that clearly values the human mind and knowledge as the most important assets in order for the development of the modern world. What better candidates for the development than the youth, since they can outside the box and bring fresh ideas to STEM.

Winning prize

International Art contest receives an average of 4500 submissions every year. The submissions are shortlisted to a total of 25 winners, 3 positions from each of the 8 age groups. Furthermore one young mind is selected out of the 25 winners who has shown exceptional perspective to receive the Space Foundation Achievement Award.

The competition values the artwork that has been submitted which is why some of it is displayed at Space Foundation’s Discovery Center and even the Space Symposium held every year. An admirable feature of this contest is that it is completely free for you to participate and have a chance to earn such a prestigious winning opportunity.

Space Foundation

Space foundation is a non-profit organization operating since 38 years, it has made exceptional strides in the industry of space exploration. By investing in this project and signing on a partnership for 3 years space foundation will also be able to influence young minds to reach their potential and learn alongside exciting artwork.

Noosphere Venture

Noosephere is a space oriented asset based business, the managing director Max Polyakov is the hand behind this 3 year contract, since he believed that this could provide a chance for the younger generation to get a gist of space and the possibilities it can hold, which are infinite just like their imagination.



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