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Max Polyakov's EOS launches the first agro-based satellite constellation by 2024!

Max Polyakov's EOS launches the first agro-based satellite constellation by 2024!

Max Polyakov, the founder of EOD Data Analytics overwhelms to announce the launch of the first-ever agriculture-based satellite constellation till 2024

EOS Data Analytics makes a big move by launching its satellite constellation till 2024!


EOSDA is a well-known provider of satellite imagery analytics. Its founder is Max Polyakov, the American and Ukrainian businessman who made a significant mark in space, IT, and technology. He also created an aerospace company based in Dnipro and Austin.

With its separate satellite imaging constellation, the company has the vision to develop a full-fledged satellite data production vertical. It includes direct imagery collection, analysis, process, and delivery. EOS plans to launch around seven optical SAT satellites inside the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) by 2024. The new satellite constellation's key objective would relate to farmlands monitoring and layout projection, and it is the only type of agriculture-oriented satellite.

How is this innovation going to prove helpful?

With such innovatory satellites, the EOS Data Analytics can enhance the precision and accessibility through the various satellite monitoring features. It can also prove advantageous for giving information about global issues like land degradation, climate fluctuations, and other potential environmental hazards.

CEO of EOS Data Analytics, Arytom Anisimov, stated that agriculture could flourish to offer immense benefits in the 21st century after adopting the latest space technologies. It can also help the industry deal with multiple issues like soil maintenance, land usage, and climatic variations. He further explained that the latest satellite constellation is rightly constructed to become a trailblazer to lead this pitch.

The latest EOS SAT satellite has a 1.4 m panchromatic and 2.8 m Ground sample Distance multispectral feature. Besides, it has a swat width of almost 40 km and 11 band channels as well. With its unique band channels set, it is possible to figure out all the agricultural needs precisely.

The new constellation can also give you an allowance for a 3-day revisit all across the world. And every satellite has an advanced design to work persistently for the 5-year of work span.

Further, the EOSDA founder Max Polyakov also specified that increasing the overall food production amidst the frequent climatic fluctuation needs adhering to agriculture's sustainable principles. He also determined that it is impossible to fulfill the objectives unless there is accurate analytics and factual data available. As a result, they are pepping up to equip farmers with all the required information for achieving desired goals.

Features of the EOSDA SAT satellite

The EOSDA has a set goal to develop a fantastic farming platform that comprises multiple features like crop grouping, crop health monitoring, soil moisture prediction, growth analysis, and climatic predictions.

Other features of this advanced satellite by EOS

  • Approximate real-time data have a 5-7 higher number of flight times for the satellite every week.

  • All the image resolutions are almost eight times high than what is usually utilized for the agriculture monitoring satellite.

  • Detailed reports on the proprietary data related to in-house agriculture models help accelerate the processing rapidly.

  • Secluded imaged suitable for specific regions.


Overall, the project has three phases of introduction in the year 2022, 2023, and 2024. While the first satellite is about to launch in 2022, there will be hardware updates in the years to come ahead. As per the speculations by the experts, this is soon going to be a mega revolution in the field of agriculture and land surveys!



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