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Big Data Analysis Applied to Satellite Imagery for Renewable Farming Thanks to Max Polyakov and EOS

Big Data Analysis Applied to Satellite Imagery for Renewable Farming Thanks to Max Polyakov and EOS

The potential from using data analysis on satellite imagery is huge. Now EOS Data Analytics, a subsidiary of Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Ventures, is joining Dragonfly in a satellite launch capable of changing how we manage resources.

New Technology Promises Incredible New Analysis of Farming Techniques

Satellite technology is making remarkable progress when it comes to imaging. Initially, this sort of technology was exclusive to the military and scientific projects. However, as time has gone on, more and more applications have been found as it has become more widespread. Now, accurate satellite imaging is being used to make farming more renewable, and to control resource use. At the forefront of this fight is EOS Data Analytics. Affiliated with Noosphere Ventures Max Polyakov founded, EOS has entered into partnership with South African Dragonfly Aerospace. Their launch, planned for 2022, will be a game-changer for the industry. Their work in agricultural satellite imagery is pioneering a new direction for technology. And it’s one that has the power to make genuine changes for our planet.

New Imagers Faster than Anything Currently in Orbit

Dragonfly will be launching a satellite into low Earth orbit that carries two revolutionary new imagers. The HR-250 high performance imagers are capable of sending back multi spectral images to EOS Data Analytics. The images can then be analysed for a range of purposes, giving the people on the ground a detailed understanding of the land they’re working with. A number of features mark the imagers out from similar technology. First of all, as the satellite is focused on agricultural monitoring, it will be able to send images back 5-7 times faster than multi-use satellites. Where a farmer would usually have to wait months, now they could be waiting days. The images will also be in resolution 3-10 times higher than usual. That makes them particularly effective at providing detailed images of smaller areas of land.

Untapped Potential of Satellite Imagery Analysis

The technology being pioneered by EOS Data Analytics is capable of making a real difference to renewable farming. AI software is capable of analysing huge amounts of data, including images, to provide reliable predictions and practical advice that can be implemented. Combine that with a satellite capable of pinpointing patches of earth and taking high-quality images, and you have technology that can change how we farm. It’s still very much in its infancy, and the EOS-Dragonfly launch marks one of the first satellites solely aimed at renewable farming and resource management.


The launch is an exciting step forward, and we look forward to the arrival of the first images in 2022. Farming is a major issue in terms of how we are changing the climate and depleting resources. This satellite could prove to be an important tool in how we address these issues. It’s the first time this combination of technology has been used for solely agricultural purposes, and we’re confident it will prove to be a powerful innovation.





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