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Return to the Moon. Max Polyakov and Firefly Aerospace on NASA’s Lunar Program Lists

Max Polyakov

Fifty years ago two astronauts from the US reached the moon for the 1st time ever. This was the eleventh people’s flight from the Apollo project by NASA which America adopted in 1961 and operated fourteen years.

Seventeen projects took place under the Apollo initiative. During those missions, the travelers achieved six successful arrivals at the surface of the moon and 382 Kgs of moon soil was brought back to earth.

Today the people in the US are going back to their lunar initiative which they now call Artemis with the aim of going further beyond reaching the surface of lunar and collecting soils specimen. With this project, NASA is hoping to ensure sustainable human living on the moon by the next five years. This will help in new researches and establishing a strong foundation for establishing the lunar economy.

The main objective as per NASA is to find a space base on the moon which can later be the launching pad for flying to Mars.

Artemis project

It is going to happen in stages.

  • First stage     

This stage will entail the delivering of important items to the moon. Last year, NASA picked nine space organizations to take scientific tools to the satellite of the earth. One of the organizations is Firefly Company which is owned by Max Polyakov.

Today Mr. Polyakov’s organization is prepared to give the space industry a simple launch automobile called Alpha. In 2020, the organization is hoping to produce a carrier rocket.

  • Second stage

In this section, the initiative is planning for the security of the people that will travel to space. Gateway program is what they intend to use. This program will also be used to prepare people for the dangers they are likely to face during their mission and the expected Mars missions.

  • Third  stage

The 3rd stage is where the travelers will arrive at the lunar area and return back to the orbit location. Max Polyakov’s organization is the only participant in the lunar initiative. Recently, Ukraine was among the leading space nations. Their potential in engineering remains high and since last year, Firefly R and D center has been operating there. It has been creating components for its anticipated two rockets and prototypes for the 1st ever satellite of itself.

For 2 years, Max’s company has been able to get permission for America air force launches to sign an agreement with various organizations to offer launch services. NASA has noticed all that more, check This is why NASA chose Firefly to take part in the lunar program.

Firefly will launch Alpha rocket in December. This will bring six Airbus satellites to low earth orbit. Beta rocket and Gamma spacecraft launches will also follow. The company also looks forward to building its own moon rover and remote observation satellite. This is also one main reason why Artemis is among the main initiatives where the most effort will go to.




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