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Max Polyakov Wants To Get To Space with Firefly Aerospace

businessman Max Polyakov

The Firefly Aerospace is owned by Max Polyakov. Max Polyakov suggested his help to Tom Markusic, whose company collapsed. Together they are likely can to get to space.

Tom Markusic joined the spaced industry and created the Firefly Aerospace company. He, however, didn’t have enough money to obtain the best results.  This led to the collapse of the company. Luckily, Max Polyakov stepped in to fund the company and together they have brought the company back to life.

Once upon a time, Tom was reading about management in the jungles where he saw how people were doing their best to assemble a rocket. Those people did not have the necessary knowledge but their aim was to reach space and they tried to do it.

The Firefly company which was owned by Tom failed in 2016 due to lack of funds. All efforts of finding an investor had failed and the company and its employees went down.

Max Polyakov saved Firefly Aerospace 

Max Polyakov being a successful entrepreneur was the person who gave Tom the hope of restoring Firefly Aerospace. Max had moved to the UK in the 2000s for the best life. During those years when the internet boomed, he started companies like Maxymiser-a software firm and Cupid PLC which operated dating sites.

Maxymiser was purchased by Oracle in 2015 and later Max Polyakov switched to the space industry. Max Polyakov owned an investment company called Noosphere Ventures. The company was interested in some sea launch assets.

Upon meeting Tom, Max Polyakov was convinced that he had finally found the person who will help him advance in the space industry because Tom already had a quality rocket. So, he did not hesitate to start working with him.

Polyakov had what Firefly needed to start operation and he was eager to financing its first two launches. As he knew so much about the space industry any advice he gave benefited the company.

Firefly’s initial launches

Max Polyakov and Tom Markusic assessed the space market and their rival companies. One of their initial launches was Alpha whose payload capacity was around 400 kilograms on low earth orbit. This was quite small for the requirements of a small satellite launch community. There was a rocket in that category in another company that was a bit older than Firefly Aerospace's and cost 25,000 dollars per kg. Alpha was supposed to be bigger and more affordable.

So, Max Polyakov together with Tom and Firefly Aerospace technical team remodeled Alpha with bigger and better engines thus giving it more lift. They even simplified its design by avoiding the aerospike concept and instead made it more traditional. Additionally, they reverted to a propelling system that is fed by a turbo pump.

The second launch for Firefly is expected to be a space plane called Gamma. It is also for satellite launch and it is similar to in-space vehicles for removing debris, transferring orbital and several other roles.

Max Polyakov and the Firefly Aerospace company are also planning to create satellites of around one-half ton and then launch them and sell them to customers. It was revealed that they consider following the example of the vertical integration in other space companies such as SpaceX.


With all the improvements that Max Polyakov and Tom Markusic have been able to make in the Firefly company, it is possible that they will go to space in 2019. They are even writing to the aerospace department about their progress because it did not expect Firefly Aerospace will resurrect.




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