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EOS and Max Polyakov Help Scientists from the Vernadsky Research Base to Study Antarctica

Max Polyakov

The Earth Observing System Company run by Max Polyakov agreed to work together with NARC. Their working together made it possible to study Antarctica from space.

Max Polyakov and NARC

Max Polyakov decided to work with NARC in 2019. The role of EOS is to observe satellite data. This can help to study Antarctica.

Some time back, a British research facility named Faraday was opened. This facility discovered the ozone hole in the 80s, and in 1996 it was given to NARC. NARC named it Academician Vernadsky.

Researchers did not stop exploring. In fact, they even expanded and started observing animals and birds’ colonies.

The decision of EOS and NARC to work together was a great one since it led to great opportunities in studying Antarctica. For instance, it will be possible to observe the surface from space because of the researches. Their study entails things such as:

  • Checking the ice that covers Antarctica.
  • Seeing how the sea prospers.
  • Observing how plants spread over the Earth surface.

The EOS Company

This company has 4 services according to the surface remote sensing mechanism. They are:

  1. Land viewer. This is a web interface. It allows individuals to pick a region and view it in various forms. It is also can be downloaded.
  2. EOS Processing. Cloud algorithms are applied to view drones and images. 3D modeling is also available here.
  3. EOS Vision. A device which checks geodata with the help of mapping devices.
  4. EOS Storage. This is cloud storage. It has instant access to remote sensing data.

Many people use EOS services. With the help of them, they can observe things like:

  • Felling of trees;

  • Extraction of amber;

  • Fire;

  • Oil Spillage;

  • Moving and nonmoving objects;

  • Cyclones development;

  • Volcano occurrence.

Max’s company has additionally enabled farmers to forecast the condition of the land. It has also given the possibility for insurance companies to know their future risks.

Other things that EOS has achieved:

  • The company together with Google assisted California in 2017. They did so by participating in a program about water usage in the dry land of California.

  • Due to numerous EOS achievements, Mr. Polyakov was allowed to join IAF (worldwide aeronautical association) in 2017. This group deals with space exploration activities.

  • Max Polyakov’s company takes part in enhancing technology and helping young people too.

  • Moreover, being experienced advisors, the employees at EOS take part in various events that Max Polyakov organizes.

Upgrading the Facility

The results of cooperation between NARC and EOS are yet to be seen. There is so much that scientists need to do. This, together with the rebuilding of the facility, led to several experts being sent to an expedition. Since Academician Vernadsky Station was created, this is its 1st reconstruction that, along with support from EOS, will improve its operation.





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