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Let me introduce myself.

I am a 6th year Ph. D student of the School of Media and Communication, Temple University, Philadelphia.  I did my MA both in New York University and in Yonsei University, Korea. I have moved to the United States with my husband, who is also my cohort on 2007. Stuying media and culture during almost 9 years in this new country, I also have two kids and a cat named Foucault. 

My interests has mainly focused on how people's cultural identity has been constructed. Also, in my previous research, I examined how online communities use the virtual space to interact with others and construct discourses on the basis of the online interation. My dissertation which I am currently working on is about how diasporic communities re-connect to their homeland using digital media, and how this process affects their identity. In particular, I have intersts in how the online communities mobilize their online discussions and take actions on the offline society. For doing it, I would like to analyze the online discourse of online communities surrounding several social issues that happened in Korea. I will collect the related threads of the online communities and use textual analysis software, such as R as well as qualitative textual analysis. I expect that the analysis will help delineate how the online community’s members understand social issues and state their views on it. Moreover, by connecting the analysis to the groups’ offline movements, this research can clarify the process of how online discussions and shared ideas among members can transform into societal action.  

While I am not studying, writing my dissertation, or preparing my classes, I like to do binge-watching. In the beginning, I started to watch US media to get accustomed with American culture. Yet, it became my favorite thing to do in my pastime besides playing with my family. 




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An ambitious project, analyzing the relationship between online activity and social action. I have total faith in you, especially since you were wise enough to name your cat Foucault!