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Come Read About Me and What I Think We Should Write About


My name is Leshawn Anderson and I am a student at New Jersey City University in English Composition 1 , a first-year writing course taught by Christina Katopodis.I have strength and weakness when it come to writing . My weakness is not knowing how to start off my paragraphs sometimes , every so oftenI have a hard time digging deeper into the topic so I can have a good essay. My strength in writing is open to changes. The first day of class we had to respond to " Something that brought you joy over the summer ?" and " What should we write about this semester " Something that brought me joy over the summer was starting my own small online boutique. It was easy to start my own small business because I was willing to try different vendors and they had great customer service . Them panademic pushed me to be self-employed . During the panademic , I haved noticed that alot of people started their own small businesses to earn money because so many people lost their jobs. I was happy to see other people taking the time to be productive .

For this course I think we should write about how the Corona Virus and how it affect us and the Black Live Matter Movement . I know for me it was both good and bad, but I was mostly focused on the good thing that happened . I’m also willing to share or help other started their own small business because I feel like having your own business is perfect for situations like this. Overall I think everyone’s would love to share their experience and want to hear others and take advice just in case it happens again . The Black Lives Matter Movement is important because it helps us come together as one . People seems to go against the movement and say " All Lives Matter '' even though All Lives Matter the Black Lives Matter movement is design for African American to have a voice . The Black Lives Matter Movement focuses on the injustice that the community faces. Some injustice that we face are racism , white privilege. As a class I think we would all agree to learn more and share our thoughts on these topics to better us in the near future and give us more insight on Movement and Corona Virus .



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