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"teh interwebs" and Second Life

I gave a presentation at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) a week ago with the intent to bring in a TAMU chemical education colleague live as an avatar from Buenos Aires to show her work in Second Life. There were two other avatars (besides me) scheduled to present and to help.

The title was: "teh interwebs" : Collaboration across the Virtual Spaces of Twitter and Facebook, and Second Life.

It didn't quite go as planned, as usual. Voice didn't work nor did teleporting. Tech support was nowhere to be found when the necessary cables were missing. Still, I'd call it a success. There were over 50 faculty and teachers from around the world in the audience and they saw my slides setting up where we were going and who was involved (avatar and RL personnas). They saw Georgianna Blackburn (Sandy Adam) on the American Chemical Society sim showing off the Interactive Chemical History Museum she was instrumental in founding in collaboration with several others.

It's unfortunate we couldn't get to the Texas A&M sim in time to let Julia Tiraxibar show off her molecule rezzers, but we'll get there next time.

Here is a link to the presentation on Slideshare. I added some slides to put the day in context and to make it into a sort of a blog-post-via-slideshare.

See what you think. See you in SL!

Let's see if I can embed it here just for fun (but it's really better viewed in the native slideshare habitat). ;-)


Liz Dorland/Chimera Cosmos






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And while Second Life works fine, both Facebook and Twitter seem to be blocked in China so I can't tweet or post the link. But HASTAC is not. Yay!