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An Architect Teaches in the Metaverse

Tonite I checked on the blog of my Second Life friend Mariis Mills (Marianne Riis from Denmanrk in RL). Mariis reports that our mutual friend Tab Scott (Terry Beaubois in RL) was recently interviewed by AIArchitect about his experiences teaching an interdisciplinary course for several years within Second Life. These two avatars are thoughtful, creative, and some of the best teachers I know in either world. They know how to make use of the unique affordances rather than merely replicating traditional classrooms and buildings. The opportunity to interact with individuals like Mariis and Tab is the main reason I love Second Life. Read the interview--it gives an excellent picture of the evolution of Tab's thinking and work in the virtual world.

Student: "I never expected to learn this much about architecture in an entire semester, let alone in the last four hours."

Tab/Terry is also the director of the Creative Research Lab at Montana State University and is involved in a state-wide K-12 educational reform project at the request of the governor. Lucky kids! 

The second picture includes my friend Harper Beresford, who introduced me to Tab. Harper was a PhD student in anthropology at Duke whom I met at the Metanomics interview show, a weekly program hosted by Cornell professor Robert Bloomfield ( In the snapshot, Chimera (me), Harper, and Tab are conversing in the foyer following the gala fall collection opening of our talented artist and fashion designer friend Eshi Otawara ( Harper was one of the models.

Does this sound crazy? If so, you need to come for a visit and find out why those of us who are residents are so committed. I have a photostream that includes a link to visit the place in Second Life where each shot was taken. Have a look.

What is my work in Second Life (other than meeting fabulously creative residents and exploring beautiful environments)? Stay tuned.



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