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I'm leaving for Sydney for 2 weeks tomorrow and don't have a lot of time (in fact I should have been in bed hours ago). But my advocacy and mentoring role in the creation of two new Ning networks in the past month prompts me to post at least a few comments and photos. Nings have a place for (yet another) blog!! I need to put a link to this post in those blog spaces--that's the best I can do on short notice!

One network is for former NSF program officers in the division of undergraduate education. We are a close-knit group and see each other often at review panels. The other is a social network for members of the ACS Division of Chemical Education. The officers are hoping to involve more members in active roles in the division. I'm very pleased to see the spread of free and easy tools like Ning into my core communities.

Our new project in Second Life with biology teachers in a distance masters program will be on the Islands of Jokaydia, a rich environment filled with other educators from around the world ( We have a small plot on the seashore between the lighthouse and the new conference center. In the past several months I've attended many in-world conferences, traveled to amazing destinations, and met wonderful people--all in the virtual world. I'll share more about that in the future as time permits. 

These photos are mainly of our Jokaydia plot and some include me (my avatar Chimera Cosmos). Two are of Chimera in other avatar form and in the free Maya clothing provided at the Mexican Government's amazing sims recreating the archaeological areas.

View some of my previous presentations on Slideshare at and look for the more recent ones in the near future... 

Enjoy, and look up Chimera Cosmos the next time your are in Second Life. 


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This is the other photo I meant to include. I bought and modified this avatar for Chimera after seeing some photos of work by the creator. The border and title were added with Automotivator (courtesy of Torley Linden's video tutorial on Youtube).

Sorry--no time to figure out how to use an embed code! But check out the's pretty cool.