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See you in Second Life?

So is anyone going to the MacArthur event today in Boston at 5:30 PM? I can't get there, but I'll check it out in Second Life on Annenberg Island. If you come, look for Chimera and say hi.


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Hi, Thanks for posting this. May I ask you to go back and edit the title to "See You in Second Life" or something that stays on one line? We've made a direct feed to HASTAC on Ning but haven't worked out the spacing yet (we will after this crunch time is over). For now, we are asking everyone to write short titles so they spacing doesn't fall out of the box. Again, we'll correct this soon but for now, it would look so much nicer if you went in and edited that to "See you in Second Life" or another short title. Thanks so much, and we love your posts---keep em coming. Thanks again, Cathy