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WebSlides: a tech tip courtesy of Alan Levine from CogDogBlog

For a tech fix, Alan has been my go-to guy for a dozen years or more. You can make a slide show from any set of webpages you want. Viewers see them "live" and can go to any page in the show to explore. The webpages are from my initial list of education and visualization friends that I'm hoping to lure into my new Ning community. More to come.

I'm seeing if the widget code works in this blog. If not, here's the link to my show.
Slides Play
Hmmm...the code generated a little WebSlides button. It's taking a long time to load, so I think I'll go to bed and see what happened tomorrow. :-)
Wait--it worked! Pretty cool. Find out how to do this at
This is the code that WebSlides generated for me to use in a blog or webpage:
Slides Play

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