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36 Views of Mt. Fuji

36 Views of Mt. Fuji

I just realized that Cathy Davidson wrote this book! I read it years ago and never forgot it. I assumed that speaking the language and spending time in a country would eventually bring mutual understanding. This was a milestone on the road to "getting" the existence of different worldviews and assumptions about reality and truth. We will never all agree about the purpose, the proper structure, or the content of education.


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Yes, it's me. I write in so many different areas and topics that most people don't make the connection. I'm glad you remembered the book after such a long time. A new edition came out from Duke University Press (url above) with an Afterword about returning to my beloved town of Nigawa and my university in Kobe after my friends there had remade their lives in the wake of the Great Hanshin Earthquake that killed 6000 people and leveled much of my town and the university. Thanks for blogging about this. I like it a lot when I can bring together the various parts of me! Best, Cathy