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Scalar & The College Art Association

  In January 2017, Dr. Nancy Um, Dr. Stephen H. Whiteman, and I embarked on a special project for the Art Bulletin.  We spent seven months translating Dr. Whiteman's review of the Seattle Art Museum's Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Catalog onto Scalar.  The text on Scalar is the same as what is written in the print journal.  We added images, metadata, links to the catalog, and footnotes to make Dr Whiteman's review as interactive as possible.  It has been a pleasure to watch the fruits of our labor come to fruition over these past few months.  I am so lucky to have worked with Dr. Um and Dr. Whiteman on this project.   We are very excited to share with you, Review, (The Enhanced Digital Version): Mimi Gardner Gates and John Yiu, eds. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.  Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 2011.  I hope that you'll take a look, make some annotations, and leave us comments!

  To learn more information about the first time Art Bulletin has devoted its reviews section to digital scholarship, see CAA's News Today.


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