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 Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself to the HASTAC/Scholars c/o 2015 community! I am very happy to be a part of this group. First let me introduce myself, I am a fourth year PhD Student at Georgia State University in the Department of Communication, Moving Image Studies. My dissertation addresses hip-hop's visual culture, blackness, and space-- a nexus of themes that I am calling "hip-hop architecture." I am an Editorial Board member of liquid blackness, a research collective focused on blackness and aesthetics in popular culture and fine art. I am also an Associate Editor of InMediaRes, a collaborate space for online scholarship that is part of the MediaCommons scholarly network.

Although my work with liquid blackness and InMediaRes is certainly related to the Digital Humanities conversation, I think I am most excited about being a HASTAC scholar because of the opportunity to finally close the gap between my research and issues of technology in the humanities. I've always felt "unqualified" to address digital humanities, so I am relying on this network to (finally) take those crucial steps.

As a hip-hop scholar, I always need to be up-to-date on popular discourse and to find ways to keep up with incredibly about of hip-hop output. As a result, I can't help but think about my research as a kind of hoard, a mass that reflects the unwieldy cultural space that is hip-hop. So, I am hoping (with the help of this community) can help me identify and theorize about digital tools that can help me enact the kind of archival gathering that I see as appropriate for popular culture objects like hip-hop.

In the spirit of new beginnings, I would like to list a few goals I have for this (somewhat scary) entrée into this community:

  • Share ideas about race and digital humanities
  • Find new ways to incorporate digital tools into my pedagogy
  • Develop and understanding of the spatialized research methods
  • Use the different pace of blog writing to get comfortable sharing my work in real time 
  • Finally, I would like to take part in camaraderie that I see in online academic spaces!

Looking forward to a great year!


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