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Saying Hello

I just wanted to say hello to the HASTAC Scholar community and to introduce myself. I already posted a blog here  about a visit to my home institution (St. John's University) from Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Since one of my broad interests is authorship in digital spaces, I was excited to write down my thoughts upon listening to Dr. Fitzpatrick's ideas on the changing scene of academic writing in the age of digital resources for scholarly production. I see that many of you here are involved in collaborative projects and in pedagogies that challenge traditional power structures in higher ed; reconfiguring the author and the student are places I want to go as a researcher too.

I'm a second-year D.A. student in English. I'm very drawn to writing pedagogy, but also love English Studies and Cultural Studies/Postcolonial Studies. Some of my research projects involve imagining a Creative Commons in a writing or literature classroom, developing the use of remix and collage in academic writing, and exploring what encyclopedic discourse means and how this relates to language and digital writing. For example, will digital encyclopedias like Wikipedia redefine the way public knowledge is perceived and created? How do we account for the part wealth plays in access to digitally created knowledge? I'm excited to get into some of these ideas with the HASTAC community!


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