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FSDW15 Intro

Hello everyone! I'm Liz Lane, a fourth year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at Purdue University.

Currently, I'm wrestling with my dissertation prospectus. My larger project focus is feminist rhetorical history, ties to online harassment, and the rhetoric of silence and subversion. For this workshop, I'm looking to refine my prospectus and iron out some of the wrinkles I'm struggling with.

I hope to accomplish two goals: 1) narrow the scope of my argument and balance feminist histioriography with contemporary feminist activism online 2) assure that my approach is accessible to a variety of readers-- future conference panel attendees, peers, fellowship application committees, etc. 

That being said, I'm excited to participate for my second year with FSDW! I felt very inspired and supported at the conclusion of last year's workshop :)


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