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#FSDW Introduction

Hi all! I'm Liz Lane, a rising third year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at Purdue University. I occasionally tweet @fancyscholar.

Currently, I'm transitioning into prospectus-writing mode. My research interests are largely concerned with gender and technology, feminist rhetorical history, and the rhetoric of silence and subversion. For this workshop, I'm looking to take a journal article assignment written for a classical rhetoric seminar that compares several historical and contemporary cases of the silencing of female voices and the resulting subversive structures that feminist activism collectives have created to support/broadcast these voices.

With this workshop, I hope to accomplish two goals: 1) strengthen it to be a central focus of my prospectus 2) refine it to send to journals, specifically digital and gender-focused journals.

That being said, I'm excited to participate and work with this peer process!



Hi Liz and welcome to FSDW!

I met one of your wonderful colleagues, Kyle Vealey, at Cs a few years ago during an RNF session. I'm really impressed with the work you all are doing at Purdue! 

Your article/diss project sounds like a blast. Any thoughts on which journal you might send your piece to?


Lori Beth


Lori Beth,

Kyle's a great scholar and peer-- glad to hear you've met him!

As for journals, I'm really drawn to what Ada publishes. They have a current CFP on Gender, Globalization, and the Digital that interests me. I'd like to shape my article toward that and explore other journals as well that might have a historical focus.