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Introduction! (I like artivism)

Hi fellow thinkers!

My name is Lacey and I study the aesthetics and politics of cultural production within the Central American diaspora.  This includes testimonial novels about civil war, photography about state impunity, performance art about femicide, films about U.S.-bound migrants, and the graphic art of current DREAM activists.  In short, it includes a variety of cultural circuits that move in conjunction with the populations they represent:  away from their origins and, in some cases, also back again.  

I've been thinking about how culture circulates in relation to living bodies for a few years now. I have a project on urban dance in Los Angeles that thinks about how new media might work to bring populations of disparate socioeconomic backgrounds together for creative collaboration.  Similarly, I have an additional project on community-based cinema in Rio de Janeiro's favelas that analyses what sort of aesthetics are most effective for bringing new visitors into these otherwise highly stigmatized parts of the city.  With all of the work that I do, I'm thus constantly asking: what is culture's function in not only representing but also reconfiguring certain populations?  In other words, how are we changed -- and perhaps even physically moved -- by the media we consume?  

With HASTAC, I'm particularly interested in thinking about how Latino communities, particularly youth, are using technology to politicize art and recreate civic culture.  I'll post more about this soon and, in the meantime, look forward to learning more about all of you.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if any of this interests you!


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