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Hit 66 at MLA 2013: The Digital Mother Road

Alright, so I'm bad at titles...But did it get your attention?

66 Panels with some digital component at this year's convention in Boston!

I was just reading Fiona Barnett's posting "Four Workshops on Digital Scholarship at MLA 2013" when I was sent a link to the full program--well worth checking out; to browse the program, here's the link, here.

Just a brief note today:  How far the digital humanities have come!

Ten years ago, the MLA Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of Scholarly Publishing published an article in Profession--the word "digital" appears only once.  (In the essay, we must note a section entitled "Is Electronic Publication the Solution?", which ends with this line: "Electronic publications included in tenure and promotion dossiers will likely be viewed with suspician unless a widely accepted system of quality control is in place."

Well, progress is being made . . . We're working on it! 

In 2010, there were only 27 panels related to the digital--this year: 66!

Below is the full list--you can search their descriptions with the above link.  I hope that those attending might consider posting related conference or panel reports or feedback here.


2. Digital Pedagogy: An Unconference Workshop

3. Evaluating Digital Work for Tenure and Promotion: A Workshop for Evaluators and Candidates

18. Old Wine in New Wineskins: The Collected Works Project in the Digital Age

22. Expanding Access: Building Bridges within Digital Humanities

39. Contemporary Novels and the Twenty-First-Century Media Ecology

59. Francophonies numérisées / Digital Francophonies

60. Learning Outcomes in Online Second-Language Environments

71. A More Capacious Conception: Digital Scholarship and Tenure

88. Age, Obsolescence, and New Media

102. Digital Diasporas

129. Teaching in the Shallows: Reading, Writing, and Teaching in the Digital Age

130. Archive Fever: New Methodologies and New Questions for United States Literary and Cultural Studies

133. Reading the Invisible and Unwanted in Old and New Media

137. Printing Science

147. Theories and Practices of the Literary Lab

163. Tweeting the Revolution: Networked Media, the Rhetorics of Activism, and Practices of the Everyday

165. Beyond the PDF: Experiments in Open-Access Scholarly Publishing

167. Digital Humanities and Theory

198. Convergent Histories of the Book: From Manuscript to Digital

209. Humanities in the Twenty-First Century: Innovation in Research and Practice

220. Image, Voice, Text: Canadian Literature

239. Representing Race: Silence in the Digital Humanities

260. Open Sesame: Interoperability in Digital Literary Studies

295. Getting Funded in the Humanities: An NEH Workshop

307. The Dark Side of Digital Humanities

321. Digital and Analogue Critical Editions of Continental Literature? Pros, Cons, Discussion

326. Digital Approaches to Renaissance Texts

339. Sovereignty and the Archive

353. Avenues of Access: Digital Humanities and the Future of Scholarly Communication

361. Video Games

391. Networked Chicanas/os

394. Reforming Doctoral Study

401. Digital Archives and Their Margins

419. Global Shakespeares Open House

425. Numbers and Letters: Empirical Method in Literary Studies

432. Aural Literature and Close Listening

440. How I Got Started in Digital Humanities: New Digital Projects from DHCommons

449. Curated and Curating Lives

450. Archaic Returns: Alchemies of Old and New Media

451. Scholarly Journals: New Challenges and Opportunities

486. Games for Teaching Language, Literature, and Writing

488. Answering the Challenge: The New Variorum Shakespeare in the Digital Age

507. New Archives, Renewed Access: Research Methodologies in Latin American Collections

522. Crossed Codes: Print’s Dream of the Digital Age, Digital’s Memory of the Age of Print

527. MLArcade

540. The Third Degree: Joint Programs in Languages, Literature, and Libraries

550. The Classroom as Interface

562. Digital Dictionaries

565. What Is the Next Thing? Postmodern Pedagogies in the Composition Classroom

584. Accessing Race in the Digital Humanities: An E-roundtable

586. Scaling and Sharing: Data Management in the Humanities

621. Reading, Reading Machines, and Machine Reading

637. Open Access? ECCO, EEBO, and Digital Resources

639. Two Tools for Student-Generated Digital Projects: WordPress and Omeka in the Classroom

669. Social Media and Scholarship: The State of Middle-State Publishing

670. Romantic Media Studies: Means of Reading and Reading for Means

693. Theorizing Digital Practice, Practicing Digital Theory

702. South Asian-izing the Digital Humanities

720. Henry James and New Media

749. Rebooting Graduate Training: Collaboration, Computing, and the New Thesis

760. Bibliography in the Digital Age

763. Digital Technology, Environmental Aesthetics, Ecocritical Discourse

767. Rewards and Challenges of Serial Scholarship

795. Literature and Digital Pedagogies



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