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FSDW15 Intro for KJ Surkan

Hello everyone -- 

This is my first Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop and I am hoping to get some feedback on some writing about epatient activism and involvement in the hereditary breast cancer community. I have a roughed out presentation that I have given a couple of times on this topic but need to rework it into an article; some of what I am tracing is happening through Twitter and other social media communities and this is somewhat difficult to track. I am wondering if I need to get access to some kind of analytics program on the #BRCA hashtag, for example. 

I teach as an adjunct lecturer in WGS at MIT and Temple University, and sometimes elsewhere; am active with FemTechNet and also highly interested in the DOCC model and how it is transforming feminist pedagogy. Another way this workshop could be useful to me would be to crowdsource a bibliography or bibliographies on topics of interest. 

I am a transgender scholar and prefer male pronouns but am not too worried about it either way. I can be reached at or on Twitter at @ksurkan   My FB page is KJ Surkan and I am also running a project aimed at improving transgender health care called TransRecord. 


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