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Charles Chesnutt and Short Stories

Charles Chesnutt and Short Stories

The “” celebrates the 158-year novel history of African American literature. Using the “100 Novels” bibliography, I analyze over 8 dozen assorted factors related to each particular novel as well as the author who wrote it.

Taking a closer look at the data I gathered on each author, I noticed that many of the authors in the collection utilized multiple literary genres to create artistic representations about black life. I then decided to focus more on the short fiction form and identify novelists who, in fact, were better known as short story writers. I have identified five authors who were/are better known as short story writers, but occasionally wrote novels.

Today, I have provided the titles for short stories written by Charles Chesnutt.


The Conjure Woman, and Other Conjure Tales (1899)

The Goophered Grapevine

Po’ Sandy

Mars Jeems’s Nightmare

The Conjurere’s Revenge

Sis’ Becky’s Pickaninny

The Gray Wolf’s Ha’nt

Hot-Foot Hannibal

Dave’s Neckliss

A Deep Sleeper

Lonesome Ben

The Dumb Witness

A Victim of Heredity; of, Why

The Darkey Loves Chicken

Tobe’s Tribulations

The Marked Tree


The Wife of His Youth and Other Stories of the Color-Line (1899)

The Wife of His Youth

Her Virginia Mammy

The Sheriff’s Children

A Matter of Principle

Cicely’s Dream

The Passing of Grandison

Uncle Wellington’s Wives

The Bouquet

The Web of Circumstance

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