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Entries by Kenton Rambsy

Entries by Kenton Rambsy

Below, I have provided a recap of my blog entries since being a HASTAC Blogger. My research, also known as the “100 Novels Project,” uses quantitative data to examine African American literature.

Early on, I will focus on black literary history, contemporary developments in the production of black writing, digital humanities, and literary scholarship that pertains to African American writers.

I have organized my entries by month and will continue to update it during my tenure as a HASTAC Blogger.



September 17, 2011- 100 Novels Project: Black Novels and Trend Analyses

September 25, 2011- The Great Migration



November 3, 2011- Oprah Winfrey and Black Writing

November 8, 2011- Black Men, Education, and Political Activism

November 27, 2011- Notable Findings Concerning 100 Black Novels

November 28, 2011- 100 Black Novels by Decade, 1850-2010

November 29, 2011- Character Traits of Novel Protagonists

November 30, 2011- The Color Purple and Wikipedia



December 1, 2011- The Evolution of Novel Covers

December 2, 2011- The Growing Importance of Authors Awarded Fellowships

December 5, 2011- 49 African American Novels on Wikipedia

December 6, 2011- The Growing Importance of Formal Education

December 7, 2011- The Prominence of NYC, Chicago, and California

December 8, 2011- The Significance of Novel Time Period




This is so impressive and so useful.  Thanks much!


No problem! Please check back in the new year as I continue to elaborate on my findings in the "100 Novels Project!" 


Kenton, this a great collection/ I'd recommending using the site's tagging feature to create an archive of all of them. For example, if they all have a tag "100 Novels Project" they could all be found at

If you like, I can go back and tag your old posts and you can just add the tag as you are creating old ones. Please confirm whether I should do this and what tag you'd prefer. "100 Black Novels" would also be a good tag. 


Hi, sorry for the delay. Thanks so much. I think your comment. missed this when looking through the posts. That would be great if they could be re-linked. I think "100 Black Novels" would be  a good title/heading.


Thanks! Thanks! I truly appreiate the help with this!!