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Notable Findings Concerning 100 Black Novels

Notable Findings Concerning 100 Black Novels

This week, I am providing a series of blog entries that highlight notable findings concerning 100 novels from our collection. The entries seek to provide information on some of the preliminary findings of our research concerning a large number of African American novels published between 1850 and 2010. 

We highlight, for example, common qualities of protagonists and settings, the significance of Wikipedia, the importance of author awards and fellowships, and dates of publication. Ideally, our research and writing sheds new light on the holdings of the HBW novel collection and more broadly on African American publishing and literary history.       


November 28: 100 Black Novels by Decade, 1850-2010

November 29: Character Traits of Novel Protagonists

November 30: The Color Purple and Wikipedia

December 1: The Evolution of Novel Covers

December 2: The Growing Importance of Authors Awarded Fellowships

December 5: 49 African American Novels on Wikipedia

December 6: The Growing Importance of Formal Education

December 7: The prominence NYC, Chicago, and California

December 8: The Significance of Novel Time Period


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