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Pittsburgh Galleries Project Badging


As we completed the Pittsburgh Galleries Project DML Playlist, our students benefited by going through the design process and sharing their learning through the LRNG platform.  Moving forward questions remain:  1) What currency do the badges hold? 2) How can the badges be leveraged with post-secondary institutions 3) How can equal access be given to all students to access the online platform.

Throughout the project, the goals were for our students to go through the design process in curating exhibits and exhibiting their work and reflections on the LRNG platform.The LRNG platform has developed throughout the process. Moving forward, our district will continue with the Playlist model of logging digital and face-to-face experiences.  We will be creating playlists for our Personal Pathways Program as well, which will display learning for college and career readiness.  We also hope to gather a panel of college admissions counselors in our region to discuss badging with the college application process.



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