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The 18th-Century Common Project and Optics in Rodolphe Töpffer’s Early Comics

I had the great fortune to land in the same DH workshop ( and on the same panel at NASSR 2012, held in Neuchatel, Switzerland, August 15-20, with Andrew Burkett, Assistant Professor at Union College (NY). I have been in touch with Andrew for a few months now, learning about his and Jessica Richard's (Wake Forest) almost-ready-to-release digital project So in this brief blog post, I would like to put the link to Burkett and Richard's project beside a link to my conference paper at NASSR, since the two seem to be seated side-by-side, if you will. In subsequent posts, I will describe 18thcenturycommon in detail and, when it is released, I will give an informal review of what I find there. At the very least, I want to convey my enthusiasm for this project and I think my NASSR paper is, to a certain extent, testimony that this project has an interest base in the community of Romanticism scholars. So I offer these two links as a beginning to a series of posts on The 18th-Century Common project and to share my research.

The 18th-Century Common: A Public Humanities Website for Enthusiasts of 18th-Century Studies:

Comic Prospects: Comics in Rodolphe Töpffer's Early Comics:

More to come soon - onwards!



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