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Day of Digital Humanities

So I'm finally back in Canada, having returned from the wilds of rural Thailand where I was doing my fieldwork.  From now on, there will be a regular weekly blog so I'm no longer a delinquint HASTACer.  I've got a post about research methods/ethics in virtual communities in draft, but for the meantime I thought I'd share a project that's based out of the University of Alberta Humanities Computing program. 

Having completed all my coursework for an MA in Humanities Computing at the U of Alberta, you'd think I'd be able to give a solid definition of what exactly "humanities computing" is.  Alas, I can't.  I generally refer to it as a vague mish-mash of computer/technology-related projects that hasn't quite evolved to disciplinary status yet. 

Since "what is humanities computing/digital humanities?" does pop up a lot, some folk in the program started the Day of Digital Humanities.  March 18th is designated as DDH and digital humanities people sign up to blog, tweet, photograph, and otherwise record what exactly they do that day.  Last year's efforts are online, and there's another D of DH scheduled this year. 

What exactly do digital/computing humanists do?  Check out the project at:


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