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Introduction: Rebooting my online academic self

I’m Katy, and I’m currently a PhD student at The Open University, UK. My PhD research is focused upon academic social networking sites, although my research interests encompass digital scholarship and the ways that the Internet is changing Higher Education more broadly. I’m a bit obsessed with MOOCs too, and I blog about my experiences and research at

At the moment, I’m on maternity leave, having had my first child in December. I’m at a stage now where I am starting to get myself ‘back online’ with my PhD and my return to study (I’m hoping to start my main data collection in the Autumn). I started using HASTAC recently to share information about free webinars I have come across on interesting topics, in case it is useful for others, but I am also planning on starting to blog about my PhD work, in order to help me get back up to speed with returning to study. HASTAC seems like a great place for me to do this and I look forward to making lots of new connections, sharing and learning from the community along the way!


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