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21st Century Film School, first edition, 2017, 476, pp.

21st Century Film School, first edition, 2017, 476, pp.

Coming, 2018.

The CILECT network of film and media schools was founded in 1954. This collection of essays is the first publication of its kind that attempts to capture the contemporary passions, anxieties and celebrations of its members. Chapters from lecturers and industry specialists teaching in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific region provide detailed insights into the rigors and complexities of film and media education in, for example, cinematography, production design, screenwriting, digital convergence, screen studies, editing, sound design, documentary filmmaking, film archive, and working with actors.

These are contextualized by perspectives that question certain givens of the traditional conservatory curricular in an era of market inverventions, radical technological change and consequent fluctuations in student needs and expectations. The publication, therefore, serves to advance an on-going commitment by CILECT to encourage and share best practice in film and media education, a goal that is just as vital today as it was in 1954.

Four years after its inception, the book was presented at the November 2016 CILECT CAPA conference in Brisbane, Australia.

As of January 2017 copies of the book were sent directly to its chapter authors and their respective film, media and TV schools around the globe.The book is due for wider public publication in 2018.


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