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New Book Series Update, Africa and New Media

21st CENTURY Media Praxis Africa

In Preparation for 2012: Research, Publications, Productions and much more...

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Contemporary events across the African continent already underscore how digital technologies, online networks and IT cultures can generate challenges to assumed fixed social, political and economic structures.

The timely remit of this NEW BOOK SERIES is therefore to provide established authors and, more importantly, the newly emerging generation of academics and scholars - both within and outside Africa - with a explorative trans-disciplinary platform that will capture such developments as they impact upon and emerge from familiar fields of film, arts, drama, literature, and journalism.

Books, monographs, and collated editions in the series - whether focused on hot-topic issues as identity, diasporas, creative activities, or social networking - will be framed by research advances in media education and the pivotal role they are to play in the healthy and productive future of the continent.

Quality assurance is assured by both initial editor screening and blind refereeing by at least two academic experts of international standing.

Books will be available as e-books for global distribution. 

FULL TITLE: "21st Century Media Praxis & Cultural Narratives of Africa" 



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