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Google Wave?

Does anyone have a spare invite to Google Wave they'd be willing to share?  I'm very curious about this program, and I'd be especially grateful for the invite!



I too am dying for an invite. Do people have a sense of how widespread the invites are right about now?


indeed! if anyone finds a few i'd like to try it out too!


I've seen a few professors (not from my university) on Facebook mention that they've received invites, so maybe we're getting closer.  Fingers crossed...


I just heard about this yesterday for the first time (at the HASTAC webinar for DML winners on social networking: and would love to know more. What is it? Why use it? Please share...


As Time Magazine notes, Wave is Google's response to "what would e-mail look like if it were invented today?"

Here are a few articles that whet my appitite:,9171,1929231,00.html

I just discovered that you can request an invite, but I'm not sure how quick the turn around time is:



OMG. This is wild and now I want it too!!! Very exciting and thanks for sharing! If you get an invite, send one HASTAC way, please. We'll do likewise.


Of course!