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I'm still working on an entry (which got sidetracked b/c another really interesting story peaked my interest so I started writing two at once and now i'm behind on both. sigh.) but I read these articles this morning on Crowdsourcing at the Univ. of Iowa, a super university, and the role of the Un-Conference in the humanities (especially important given the unconference that HASTAC threw last year which I attend. It was my first unconference and hopefully, not my last).  

Hopefully you'll have time to check them out.

Civil War Project Shows Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing
"[T]he Civil War Diaries Transcription Project, hit the Web last month, with scanned images of more than 3,000 diary pages from the universitys archives"

Non-Humanist Report from THATCamp
"Unconferences could fill a big void that is present in the culture of my field"


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