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Free Encyclopedia on Online Learning

Free Encyclopedia on Online Learning

During my eye-opening CoETaIL (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy) journey, I read widely, pulling together some interesting threads to create a free eBook: A Concise Encyclopedia on Online Learning: Defining the Future of Education.

 I dedicated the book to my CoETaIL teacher, Kim Cofino. It became available on Friday, 20 March 2015.


This book will help teachers help students succeed in online learning, a guide-book to navigate this new, significant terrain. I hope these entries, offered as cheaply as possible, inspire you to engage in the fast-paced online world, a world rich in educational opportunities, a place full of potential, peril and power, a place where students need to go, best to go guided by the sure hand of a caring and knowledgeable parent or educator.

Time and opportunity have not permitted a comprehensive treatment of this topic, but with the premise that a partial map of uncertain waters is better than no map at all, I offer this sketch, useful in outline, in the hope it will help you explore bountiful and beneficial undiscovered countries.

In addition to traditional, research-based instruction the rich new online media provide engaging and relevant places for learning today; this book aims to sketch the online educational landscape, a help to busy educators who may lack the leisure for more sustained independent study at the present time. The Internet provides a certain road that students today need to travel in order to find success in the society and workplace that await them, a workplace that we cannot presently envision as the rapid advances in technology and the knowledge economy preclude clear predictions.


These words define learning in the twenty-first century, but while mapping out the new territory of teaching, a battleground also comes to light: a battle between evil and good. The seven deadly sins (one had hoped they might have died by now) have pitted themselves against Humanity, a respectful and ethical democrat.


       Feiyr, a German based company that distributes eBooks and Music, provides, to my mind, the best delivery of an eBook. They give technical support, so they will help you change a Word copy of your proposed eBook into ePub and Mobi, the most common formats. I had my original cover made on Fiverr, but they helped me recast it to fit their specifications.

Feiyr distributes your eBook to many vendors, most of whom are based in Germany like Feiyr itself. But Feiyr distribution includes the following major players:

  • Amazon Kindle;
  • iBookstore;
  • kobo;
  • nook;
  • Reader’s Digest;
  • Samsung and 
  • SONY.

This link brings you to their distribution portal of live links to their eBook vendors. It appeared on Amazon UK and in Germany, so European distribution first, but (months later) it appeared on Amazon USA. But it appears also in the general iTunes store (search for the book by title in "Audiobooks"). The Kobo version appears on Indigo. It also appears with other free eBooks on Barnes & Noble in Nook format.

Feiyr demands a fee for establishing your domain on their site, and some other small fees in publication, but they take only 20% of any revenue, leaving the author with 80 % of all revenue. Kindle, for example, takes 30% at best. Feiyr corresponds via email to guide the process.


They are scrupulous and exacting, so the process may take longer than first envisioned, but the final result is bona fide. Feiyr will send a final email confirming the publication of your eBook. I would highly recommend them!

Pick up a copy. The price is right! I am sure you will find something new and interesting.



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