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New Year, New Focus

Since my first post as a HASTAC scholar last fall, my interests and focuses have shifted a bit, or perhaps just become a bit wider and mixed together. I’m struggling with focusing and narrowing them down, so I thought a re-introduction would be a good tool to clarify my priorities for myself.

As of January 2012, my current interests include...
  • The application of technology in undergraduate art/design programs in supporting student growth and the exhibition of student work, as well as the wider changing implications of technology in the trajectory of graphic design, motion design, and interactive new media work.
  • Continuing to experiment with social media and blogging as a resource for writing pedagogy through my position as a writing tutor at the St. Norbert College Writing Center. See my current ongoing project on twitter: @writingchampion
  • The causes and cultural underpinnings of the new generation of design-driven entrepreneurship currently centered around businesses in San Francisco. Resources such as Kevin Rose’s Foundation, which gives a powerful insight and overview of the key players leading these entrepreneurial trends are helpful here. Also see: William Deresiewicz’s excellent analysis, Generation Sell, and Joshua Porter’s The Golden Age of Design in Startups. In particular, I’m curious about the wide variety of startups focusing on education.

Looking forward to a great 2012 full of conversations and learning. Cheers.


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