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Hello everyone,

I'm an undergraduate student at St. Norbert College, a small liberal arts college in Wisconsin, which is beginning to become more directly involved in the larger digital humanities community through the efforts of my HASTAC mentor, Dr. Ryan Cordell. As a first year scholar, I hope to learn more about the digital humanities and the future of technology in education.

My current research interests include...

  • Exploring the processes of idea generation and implementation focused around entrepreneurial thought and practice and examining how those processes are influenced by digital tools.
  • Experimenting with best practices for social media and Web 2.0 resources in writing pedagogy. My current project in this area is developing a twitter account that provides writing tips for undergraduate writers: @writingchampion
  • Considering how the social rituals surrounding human food consumption have changed through technological developments from hearth to Epicurious.

I'm looking forward to learning more about what digital humanities is all about and having great conversations here. Cheers!


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